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about maria

My paintings are created to invoke feeling of a time in a place - a sunset over the mountains, the silence of a snow covered field, the electricity of a coming storm.  I contemplate from my rocking chair, a critical piece of studio furniture, as the painting evolves and let myself be transported to that time and that place.  My paintings aren’t planned, they happen.  A painting will often start in one place and end up a season or world away.  My works are atmospheric and ethereal inspired by the world around me, both the natural world and the people in my life. I paint primarily in oils and acrylics creating dimension by layering paints and other mediums, collage and by utilizing a variety of surfaces, including old paintings that didn’t quite make the cut.


I live for cooking for friends, live music, gardening, yoga, camping, and hanging with friends and family. I’m an expert at both hiking high mountains and binge-watching good TV.  

I hope you enjoy looking at my work as much as I enjoy creating it!  If you're interested in adding one of my pieces to your collection, just shoot me a message.

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